Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's Only Money..I Guess 8/2007

Gosh..I waited too long not knowing what would happen (I know now!) and I wasn't fast enough to remove a reddish colored bird dropping from my white car.  I saw it..thought it might wait but I know far better now. 

I don't have a carport or garage.  I would have one or the other if the configuration of my house, land and property were different.  The only thing that would work here is one of those free standing things..a cover on 4 legs and I would rather not.  Therefore my car is at the mercy of bird droppings and multitudes of tree sap in season.  Maple tree sap too!  And oak pollen and sticky oak saps in Spring. 

I called the car dealership and asked if they could order one of those car covers and how much were they anyway.  I gasped when I found out $125.00.  I suppose I don't have a choice.  And of course, having one of those in tend to worry will it be there when you get up in the morning or will someone maliciously have stolen it and there goes your hard earned $125.00? 

I was reading that pouring unsalted seltzer water on the top of the dropping and letting it bubble up will help. And for tree sap, use a soft cloth with olive oil or vegetable oil and rub in a circular motion until the sap is gone.  heck..I would need a car wash full of olive oil I have so many trees and so much sap in its season.  But for occasional spots of sap, maybe this will help someone out there. They said remove dried bugs with a paste of baking soda and water. 

Today is another day for work.  Got my Omega watch back.  It's a wind up..older model for sure but still going.  It needed a thorough oiling and cleaning.  Glad to have it back home.  We broke a heat record yesterday.  101.  Couldn't tell you the feels-like as I was at work and didn't hear it when I got home.  It wasn't fun getting in the car and driving home.  I have finally learned to pull the interior cover over the moon roof now so it isn't quite as sizzling in the car when I get in.

Have a great day and I'll see you soon if I haven't already.Sun

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