Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just Rambling- On that is... July 2007

Time is marching on. I have seldom seen a day go by this quickly. Been up on the treadmill, did my weights and tried to quit sweating so I could head on out to deposit the checks from my employer into the C.U. Then, off to get some fruit and sandwich makings for grandson and son when they get here tomorrow. With or without trumpet,. No one has told me yet.

The purrson who is in my avatar photo is on my lap helping me type. Sigh. But I get to kiss the top of her head till she nips me as a message to quit that.

Speaking of her, she had an at home visit from the Vet yesterday. Some who have read this blog know the horrible times I have trying to get her into the carrier (trick her into it I should say) and then trying to get her on into the car and to the Vet. Last time I tried several months ago, the carrier came apart. She escaped into the back rooms. I am just grateful it was while still in the house. So, that was all she wrote for that trip. I saw a newspaper article about a Vet who will make house calls, so she had one. I was glad to pay the cost. Got her rabies shot, her ears cleaned out, her claws clipped. First time I ever heard her growl. She did NOT want those back claws cut..go figure. But while the Vet held her, I cut them best I could. It was a struggle worthy of a movie. With her the victor..almost!

I bought several pounds of bing cherries for me yesterday. Already ate half of them. I will founder on them if I get enough. That's the problem..I can't get enough. But they blow me up like a helium balloon. So, I only eat those when I have no where to go. Those things are huge. Like golf balls!!!

Have a great rest of the day and thank you for the positive comments about my blog yesterday. I'm glad you understood where I was coming from there. It was in its way, a lovely thing to witness.

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