Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kids and Stuff

I was just watching the CBS morning news program. They had a segment called " The Gentle Barn" which, as you can guess has to do with animals and children. The animals are all rescued from horrible situations and the children are, as expected, children who are also in trouble. Either through their actions or actions done to them. There was one young boy..perhaps 11 or so, slender, wore glasses with a serious demeanor and voice who took particularly good care of 'his' animal for the time he was there that just broke my heart. I wish I were wealthy, younger, whatever it takes to help these children I see. I wrote on many occasions, not just on Mother's Day that I think motherhood is THE single-most blessing anyone could ever have. No exceptions. Children are my idea of wealth without end. A privilege, not a right. A divine charge. I wish I could have them all! I will move on with no transition. Can't come up with one. If I don't move on I could write pages about this topic.

I should be on the treadmill but I am in here. Treadmill is next however and then, other household things before I can finally leave about noon.

Can you believe it? After several months of groaning about it, I finally cleaned up the bookcases!!! I bought a small rectangle table to place books on as I went along. That saved me from dipping and diving to the floor constantly ( a LOT of books..too many for sorting in just one place) and therefore took away any last excuse to do the work. I have lower back disc problems so I have an actual and valid reason not to bend any more than I have to. I wish you could see me (actually glad you cannot!) when I plant my pansy bed in the upper flower bed. When I finally rise and leave the flowerbed after I have all 60-80 pansies planted..I look like I was locked into Neanderthal position. Take me at least 20 feet to rise fully straight -backed. Oh well...can't do anything about it. The disc injury occurred at work.

I looked at the filter for the heat/air system and changed it forthwith!!! Woo whee. It needed changing. Seems like just a couple months ago I changed it out. Go look at yours. I bet a frog could sit on the edge of the piled up dust if it's anything like mine. (Hope not).

If I keep typing I won't have to get on the treadmill, right? No. See you later, gator(s) I am off to the treadmill...and you all, have a super day wherever you are.

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  1. My bookcase is pitiful, the books need to be re-arranged, but too much else to do. Our maintenance man changes our filter, not necessary in my opinion. But, it doesn't cost us anything, just an intrusion.