Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kindnesses 4/07

A dear friend was here this afternoon for some time. We were catching up on things, as with my schedule, I don't get to see her that often. I was talking about the two former blog entries that came from the heart about not wasting our time with rigidity. Not mentally pushing our family or friends to the side so we can concentrate on what seems to be of importance to us at the time. Of course I am not referring to things of genuine importance that can't take waiting. I am referring to things we make a conscious (or sometimes unconscious) decision that we just have to do or think about. Things that could wait for awhile, an hour or so...even minutes, when our children, spouse or friends need our full attention. An example being that say for instance your child or spouse or friend comes to where you are and wants to speak about an issue, a wonderful thing, a problem, anything. And there you are thinking about a work problem, your problems in general, nursing a bad mood, entertaining impatience, whatever. And so IF you listen to them, in the background of your mind perhaps you are still working through your own issues rather than giving them the time and more importantly the attention they deserve.
Perhaps instead, you have a laundry list of chores you feel compelled to do regardless of other things that ask for or need your attention. Perhaps you choose to do the chore(s) instead of something fun with your kid, spouse , friend etc etc. (No, not me..I'll do anything to get out of that!). Maybe someone calls you up and says " Let's have lunch" and you say, " no, I have to do the laundry. It's my day to do it." I have actually had that said to me after my invitation. And yes, to your silent inquiry, this is an actual friend. She just can't help it her method of priority.
Maybe your pet wants to play. And you'd rather sit and watch TV, read or nothing. The pet goes to the door maybe and looks at you with hope..and you ignore him or her to do nothing. Same thing. What's it going to hurt to get up, spend 10 minutes playing and then go back to doing nothing? You'd have done some living being a kindness if you just get up and do the right thing.
Random acts of kindness. Was it Terri who brought that up in her blog? Or another person. I believe in that..random acts of kindness. You don't have to just be kind to strangers. You can be kind to family and friends as well. It is written that we are nicer in some ways to strangers or more considerate perhaps it would be better stated, than we are to our own.
It's good to be aware of that possibility and let the kindness and love go outside ourselves and bless someone else with it.
A little bread upon the waters.
I can think of many times till recently I sat on my behind when I needed to play with my pet who has no one else to play with her. I am glad to say guilty conscience got to me and I don't do that any more. Just a small thing but it matters to her. GRIN. Regarding friends and neighbors, however, I'm here and ready to help if needed in ways that I can. I may even do so and you'll never know. I know the often quoted phrase...we may not pass this way again.

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