Friday, October 15, 2010

Last Day June 2007

This is my last day to loll around. And frankly I am glad. Looking back I don't know how I stood it this long. I have always had a tough row to hoe work wise reference time, and to cut it off the way I did was sweet, sort of, for a while. But ultimately it IS boring. I tried on one of the outfits I have standing ready for tomorrow's first day of work, and after just one week there is a difference in how it looks on me. My contours are smoother. I just quit eating as much. Apparently I was eating out of boredom. Anyway, it's been a good day.

I found a really nice shirt, black, made of something called Cool Max, but black as I said, with small accents of a tan color and a banded bottom (black) for my youngest son. Had to do it., I was in the was one of THE best looking men's shirts I have seen in a long time and made of a very comfortable material. It can be worn to work as "business casual" and I think he'll like it. So, I drove to The Big City and left it in his kitchen and headed on back here. I needed to hit the grocery for some last minute items, get the kitty some food (Oh the worst news for her. Her favorite Fancy Feast flavor is being phased out!!!! I may as well leave town!)

Now I am home and I have to give myself a manicure. I so dislike doing that,. But if people are going to be looking at my hands then they need to be ready for that.

Oh. I sort of bought myself another pair of white shoes today. Just call me Imelda. They jumped up into my hands as I walked through the store.

I did my hair this morning. Man, it's long. And thick as a shag rug!!! And hot!!! I keep thinking I'll have it cut but it looks good (even if it is hot) and I hate to mess up a good thing) so I keep on being hot and sweeping it up into a high pony. At least around the house.

I have been on a graham cracker craze here lately. Can't get enough of them. But I make sure I only eat just so many. Funny how you get attached to certain tastes sometimes.

Had a hard time getting into Spaces today. I tried I.E. and Mozilla Firefox. Both said Server Down. Obviously it's back. Hmmm.

Hope you are having better luck. TTYL

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