Monday, October 25, 2010

Limited Catastrophe 9/ 07

Well, the genuine Irish linen died in the wash.  Just disintegrated.  Huge holes. I would say it was the mildew.  It weakened the fabric that badly.  Rotted the fabric rather.  The other things are not stain free but they are better and survived.

One thing interesting to me is, I was hunting in several under bed bins for an old metal embroidery hoop.  Those really hold fabric whereas the cheap wooden ones do not.  Not well, anyway.  I like a real firm clamping.  Anyway, while looking and eventually finding the hoop, I also found a five inch or so round tin with Sears Roebuck Trenton New Jersey on it and it was a 5 inch roll of 8 mm movie film.  Daddy's.  He is long gone, so I am anxious to get this put onto a DVD if the business advertised doing this sort of thing isn't afraid of its (film) possible fragility (nor me..I hope I can make myself do it) I have no idea in the world what's on there.  It may be a bunch that he had spliced together once upon a time.

I also found a few pictures I had put by for inclusion into an album and you know how that can be sometimes.  They never made it.  So, I enjoyed going through those and have decided today or tomorrow may be the day to buy more albums and get busy.

I even found some non-family ones that didn't get put away into albums either and those were taken in Germany.  One of my favorites is on the way up the mountain to Wasserkuppe, where we lived for a few months.  I was so enchanted with the view that even though my ears closed and stayed closed  on the way up and the entire time I lived there (and conversely, opened on the way down) that I didn't want to leave just because I was miserable with the world's worst ear and throat infection.  Oh man..I have had some desperately sick times there and other Countries.  Stuff happens.  The worst was pneumonia.  I didn't know I had it till it was about half over..or half into the odyssey of bad illness, that is.

I may include a picture I bought showing the valley as you are ascending or descending the mountain.  That picture is (and I do not have the capability of adding the umlaut) Wasserkuppe/Rhon  and is a Post card.  Not taken by me.

Hope it has been a fabulous weekend for you.  Red heart

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