Monday, October 25, 2010

Lunch with the guys 9/07

Just came back from a fun lunch with all the guys!  I had the baked chicken..some of it, and a couple veggies.  I feel as though I ate the entire steam table full of food.  Not used to a real meal mid-day but I like to do that sometimes.

Surprisingly not a single one commented on my short hair-do.  My hair has always been at least mid back length. I would have thought this would get their attention but..shows how often we think others are looking at us when they aren't paying any attention to us.  Not on the level we many times think they are.

I went dressed to please though.  Sterling heart on a coral bead necklace, sterling dangle earrings, (you know me) black cap sleeved top with a short sleeved gray fitted jacket over it and wide legged black dressy pants with...tah heels.  Oh my! Diva!!!! Red lips And I smelled good too.  Only one thing went wrong.  I hate it what that happens but I was moving right along with my preparations, i.e. dressing make-up etc and it came time for a little blush.  The key words here are "a little".  I must have put a wrestlers strength into swiping the little fan shaped brush across the blusher, as when I made the swipe across my cheek...I looked like a Cockatiel!!! Man, what vivid cheek patches!!!!!! Out came the cotton balls to try to buff away some of the deep color and then liberal applications of powder to further disguise it.  I detest when that happens.  I have no idea what makes me dig that brush across the surface of the blusher except being in a hurry!

September 24 I think is the first airing of "Dancing With the Stars".  They have some older types on there. Wayne Newton?  My gosh!  Marie Osmond?  My gosh. I hope the ambulances are standing by.  Or, there will be just old folkses tripping the light fantastic for our delectation every week.  (I ain't no spring chicken so I am allowed to say this) I will watch the first 4 weeks.  If it's still sedate then I will find something else to occupy that time.  I think last season was one they will never live up to again with Apolo Ohno and Joey Fatone.  Now THAT was some dancing.  I don't think I'll see the like of that again. I could hardly wait to get in front of the TV and if anyone called, I never answered the phone unless it was family.

Waiting on someone to show up here in about half an hour.  I think I have been around to most all of you by now.  Come see me. I'll be waiting in the kitchen with iced tea. Red heart

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