Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lynyrd 2/07

I was doing my thing this morning..but I went to the Mall as opposed to getting onto the treadmill. I had some things to bring home from the stores and therefore I just did several things with one trip instead of delaying. While doing the exercises however, I had my music going. I don't know how to tell you how much better it is with the iPod as opposed to the old headphones and FM radio on the nearest rock station...and most of it advertisements. You'd be done by the time the music came back on!!! Anyway, as I was saying before I interrupted myself.. last Christmas 3rd son, among other things gave me Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Chronicles" which has three classic albums in it. They, all three albums are all on the iPod along with other things as well. That particular son can never not choose exactly what I love when it comes to music. He hasn't hit a clinker yet! If he likes it..100 times out of a hundred, I will too.
You would not necessarily think that Lynyrd Skynyrd's music would be THE thing to exercise to but it is!! I had to count footfalls in 60 seconds the other day to gauge how fast I was going and just walking at the time, I was getting 148 footfalls per minute by following the beat of the music selection playing at the time..
3rd will be here in a few hours to pick up some items I saved for him...return the airbed I lent him and have supper before returning to....The Big City!. I'm fixing him tacos.
Think I will search my fellers and see if they are all disbanded..gone from this world...doing next door..whatever. Just searched...found their Fan site and learned that several have passed away due to accidents and illness. But the group is still going, only some different members of course and they are on Tour.
I did the same thing today that I have done the past several days..and had " "Made in the Shade" from "Nuthin' Fancy" playing repeatedly. Oh wow. I LOVE that particular piece almost more than any other. It invariably puts a huge smile on my face as I go along. I suppose those going in the opposite direction are wondering what I am broadly! about. But if you look closely, you'd see the white wires leading to the ear buds and know I am listening to some fab music.
I should have Googled or searched otherwise to see what has happened to them. If they have done anything else..if so, when.
3rd son never ever gets it wrong. He always gets me the music I love. I have gone crazy for a lot of what he has in MP3's etc. and had to have them. He did a wonderful DVD with photos of us as a family and events as in the Charlotte NC Renaissance Faire and etc. and it all to music. I HAD to have the music. His taste and mine are very similar, obviously. But Ronnie Van Sant, the lead singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd..I really must try to see what happened with him and them as a group. They were outrageously good instrumentalists as well, never mind primo song writers. Remember "Free Bird"?

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  1. On October 20, 1977 there was a plane crash. The crash killed Steve Gaines (guitarist), his sister Kassie Gaines who was a backup singer, and Ronnie Van Zant, the best friend of Charlie Daniels. Daniels album, "Million Mile Reflections" is dedicated to Ronnie. Also, the road manager Dean Kilpatrick also died. The reason for the crash was a lack of fuel in the plane.

    In 1987, the remaining band members reunited for a tribute tour with Ronnie's little brother as lead singer. His name is Johnnie Van Zant and another brother (the middle one) is Donnie Van Zant and he is lead singer of the Southern Rock Band .38 Special.

    Sadly, there is only now Gary Rossington, the lead guitarist, who survives from the original band. Leon Wilkinson aka "The Mad Hatter" was the bass player and Billy Powell was the piano player. Both of these men have died in the past year or so along with backup up singer JoJo Billingsly.

    In 1991 they started making new albums again. The first one was called...1991. Their latest album is "God and Guns" and it has a lot of great tunes on it. This latest album reminds me the most of the old Skynyrd. The kind of music America listens to today and is popular is not the same kind of music Skynyrd sings. I believer if the taste in music had stayed the same, Skynyrd would still be topping the charts each and every week. The only thing I do not like about Johnnie's version of the band is it uses a little more foul language than Ronnie's band. Not in every song, or anything real foul, but when he uses what I consider curse words in songs like "Red, White, and Blue" it makes them not as enjoyable for me.

    I do love "Nuthin' Fancy", but my two favorite albums by them are "Second Helping", and "Legend". These are old Skynyrd works. If you consider the new Skynyrd the best two in my opinion is "God and Guns", and "The Lost Rebel".

    I hope this gives you a little history of the band and what happened. For a detailed account, I would recommend this book:

    There is much more I could write, but this will at least give you a pretty good picture and understanding of the band.

    No, I am not a family member or have ever met any in the band. I am just a big fan who has followed the music of LS for the past 30 years.