Tuesday, October 5, 2010

March 2007 old posts

Not a lot singes my jaws more than typing up a blog, going through and making sure of my spelling..and hitting "publish" and the sorry sucker goes off into nothingness and to rub salt into the wound, it says "SIGN IN"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I hadn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If MSN had a face there are times I would slap it!

Meanwhile, darned if I recall a whole lot of what I said, I am so ticked off! I will tell you however I did get my new digital camera three days ago. I hadn't yet mentioned that I had it yet as I have been mad since I got it trying to learn all its intricacies. I did get it turned on, yes. But, that instruction manual was written for non- humans I will swear! I read it several times trying to get the date and time in. *I* could care less if the date and time were in, but the stinkin' thing would not take a picture without the stinkin' date and time! FINALLY I got the stinkin' date and TIME in there. I think it is off a day but, hey! like, who cares already!!!! If IT doesn't, I don't! So, with that done, I thought, 'goody, let's take a picture of the cat's face'. Nope. I made several I know annoying calls to one of my sons and he allowed I needed to go back to the manual and learn the magic of macro mode. The little 'flower' thingy. That manual needs to be stomped on, re-stomped on, burned and cussed but I finally got the thing not only selected but set! I am academically inclined, not gadget inclined!!! I wish I were both inclined!! So...thanks to my son, and reading it, I got it set and took a close up of a blossom this morning. I went back to the manual, I hate that thing, and got the macro OFF finally so I could do something else!!!! GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I don't have red hair under these blonde highlights for nothing).

So, I have perhaps 7 pictures taken so far. At last, I will have some of my own that aren't so dark and fuzzy via disposable cameras, whatever. The worse part will be trying to get these from the camera to My Pictures. I am already apprehensive. Someone. Please come here!!! I am useless as whatever's on a boar hog. But this to-me trial by fire will serve me well. I am the only one in the world who has a hard time with it.

Had to turn down a date with a fella and with couple friend's I adore. The guy called me late for tonight..too late and I already had other plans. That's twice. He's going to have to call earlier. Jim & Sandy...you won't see this but, love you. Sorry not to be there.

Ladies, gentlemen, hope it has been a great day for you all. I am going to go see "Mimsey" tomorrow!!!

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