Thursday, October 14, 2010

May, 2007

Thank you for the positive comments on the Profile picture. That is a doll that was made for me early in my career. They did the best they could to make it look like me. My hair is not that vivid a red, I will assure you but it is red. (now covered with blonde highlights). So, that is supposed to be me, believe it or not.

I have gotten three pictures via my camera phone from my son who is in Alaska now. He texted w/ pictures is what I should have said. Looks pretty bleak. Like leaden sky. But maybe it's just the quality of the pictures on the phone. Worse still, the may have rain and lowering skies. We will see as it goes along. He did say in this days text message that he had no time. I guess the schedule is filled to the last second.

The others got home alright about 2230 last night. I went on to bed and found I had somehow irritated my Achilles tendon during the day so I felt that there was a hot branding iron applied to that area every few minutes. It sure kept me from sleeping well. I just slept in between the pain. If I knew what to do about that I would. Tylenol does no good. Apparently that area is, at least on me, sensitive to pressure. And I was wearing a shoe that pressed too firmly it seems on the tendon area. I found that out by the intense burning pain concentrated in a quarter inch area off and on all night long (and today too). Zow-weee! Tylenol? It laughs at Tylenol.

It's almost 9..I have to head out to....The Big City here shortly for another son, and to the grocery for the lettuce I forgot yesterday. I am grilling today. Wish you were here. But if you were, I think I would have to make it a so-called 'covered dish' affair and everyone bring something to put on the table. We are, after all, a large cyber family!!

Gosh, I was looking thru the magazine box/basket by my chair the other day and cleaning it out as it was toweringly full. There are unread magazines on there from last Christmas. I almost have those read now. Working my way thru the year. What happened is, I have many subscriptions. I used to take them in with me on midnight shifts during downtimes between 3 and 5 a.m. I will let these expire. Not all of them, but a lot.

Now that Dancing With the Stars is over...that did it for TV watching on the usual networks for me. No more me reporting what I thought about the voting. Hey!! I heard that gusty sigh of relief. That wasn't polite!! Go stand in the corner!!

Time is passing. I think I had better be about the day now. You- know -what is waiting, and I haven't been on it since they arrived Friday evening.

I have been around on half my blog walk and after I get the treadmill done I will be around some more...

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