Thursday, October 14, 2010

May 31, 2007 Watch the Birdie

Man alive, since buying that digital camera nothing! NOTHING is safe. If I show up at your door, for pity sakes, frisk me before you let me in. If I have that camera with me, you're toast! Going to do the dishes? No worry, I'll be right with you. Headed to the bathroom? Right behind you! Going to water the plants..hey, I'm with you all the way!!

The poor cat can't human can that comes within my range escape. Plants sigh and roll their figurative eyes when they see me come outside. Neighbor's doors slam when I pass thru the yard. Now..if I only knew what I was doing settings-wise I'd be dangerous. I'm still in the "point and shoot" auto setting zone! Change settings? R U Cra-Zee??? That would mean getting out the book and learning something! Ewwww. Seriously though I am going to have to. I was trying to take a photo of an ornament on my bookshelf and the flash kept going off. It wasn't a macro so I didn't have my little macro setting on,which may (guessing) have spared me the flash. was washed out looking due to the flash. I had to give up, back off and try again. The flash did not wash it out when I backed off, naturally. I am going to have to learn to take the 'training wheels' off this thing, like it or not!!!

Meanwhile my sons and closest friends take the brunt of all these photos. I bought a bed in a bag thingy for the other bedroom. Haven't bought anything new for that room for 7, 8 years perhaps. After re-dressing the bed I took pictures of course! The poor boys were the recipients (like they care if I changed up the room!)

One thing good though and I think I have mentioned this before. I took some compositionally unsound pictures because I didn't care about composition at that time (I was aware they looked interest was in lighting and closeup focus) and sent them to my youngest (the one in Alaska now) and he provided me with excellent advice as to why they were not sharp...too light, and so on. It all boils down to..start manual settings. That boils down to learning. Ugh.

I have some of you not only in my links but you are also in my RSS feeds ( Sandra, Neil, Cindy to name a few) and my bookmarks. (Just never took you out of them) and depending on my mood, whatever, I may visit you via a bookmark and it finally occurred (Journey) that you may not know I stop by every day because you can't see my "footprint" if I come to your space via bookmark and RSS feed.

With that newsflash, I am outta here. Wait. Let me go get the cell phone first. Stand by. Nope. I was hoping for a text message or a picture from Alaska.

Have a wonderful awesome day!!!

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