Friday, October 15, 2010

Meant to Be June 2007

It's meant to be.  I had about made up my mind that I had to quit the job and I was not happy to do so.  I like the job, I like my employer, and I like the atmosphere.  When I got there to speak about quitting he asked what needed to be done.  I told him I just cannot be on my feet like that and explained my situation.  He cares enough about my working there that he said he does not mind that I sit between customer care nor does he mind if I don't do heavier work.  Each person comes with an individual set of things and circumstances he said.  So I am still there and tomorrow starts my second week.  If it is still too painful even with those concessions then i will know what must be done.  I hope it does not come to that.

Meanwhile it is a trip to The Big City with a good friend this morning.  We are going to look for the ever elusive locking trash cans. She is the one with the SUV.  While there I may as well look  for work-ware. 

She'll be here any minute so check with you all later in the blogs..keep safe today.

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