Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Million Dollar Question...or at LEAST $64.00! 4/07

How is it that I cannot hardly EVER get through any door way for all the years I have been an adult, without banging my elbows on the door jamb? I have somewhat prominent elbow bones, yes, but not that prominent. It is my fault somehow. I suppose I walk with my arms slightly akimbo. I am always conscious, in an unconscious manner of whopping my elbows so I think of it, in a way as I start through and there I go, banging them again. Oh well. Bless my heart. (P.S. All the way UP here..I got so tickled with Kimmy's ( comment about yesterday's blog and my tortilla thingy's and chicken do-hickey's. She has challenged me for the recipe).

I have done the usual already this morning to the tune of Regis and Kelly, skipped the weights for now as I wanted to shampoo and do the curl thing. Sitting around waiting on that to "take" so I can begin the day. Last gorgeously warm one for awhile. I think it is supposed to be more normal and into the low 30's at night the next week or so.

OK. I was waiting to see if I could spare you this. But I see it is still there waiting. I said I had shampooed and preparing to dry my hair, all that, I heard some commercial on TV in the background. Some sprightly adult voice and some rather adult sounding child. It sparked a rant. I think rather than write all the he saids/she saids here, I will cut to the chase (for once). Your job as a parent is not, repeat NOT to be your child's friend. Your job is to be a parent and all that entails. Your son or daughter can find friends among their peer group outside the home. That erroneousness of being a friend to your child and having them as your equal instead as a parent/child relationship...i.e. "miniature adults" got started in the '70's and snowballed. By the way, I wince when a little one calls me by my first name and no, I am not a hundred years old quite yet. I tolerate it because I have to, but no where does it say I have to like it. Nor do I call those senior to me by their first names unless they ask me to. I think it is called "manners".

This thing of being your child's friend... and it seems to have started with the ol' allowing them to call you and your own peer group of adults by their (and your) first name(s) is destructive to the family unit and to the child. Involving them in adult decisions is unfair, and puts pressure on them whether they perceive it as pressure or not. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

If I were, I mean Queen, I would decree that children be allowed to be children..that parents must parent their children. That activities outside the home be the child's choices and that the parent not be permitted to try to be a child..nor be permitted to force the child into looking or sounding like an adult. That's all it is, after all, a facade. The poor child has no experience and no learning for it to be anything other than a facade. Leave them alone in that way. They are NOT miniature adults. It really isn't funny at all when they are allowed to say and do adult things. Not funny at all. Love them, guide them, teach them, let them learn, PROTECT them above all...and then...let them go. They will be ready then.

You know what they say about opinions. Everyone has one.

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