Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Month's Worth of Rain October 27, 2010

We got a month's worthof rain in 24 hours but considering that in October, we only get, tops, 3 inches of rain...not too bad after all.  We had every bit of three inches of rain and likely more.  The news is on and I should be in there to watch.

I was supposed to go to the mountains today with Paul but it was so gray, still raining etc that we decided not to go this time.  By the time we do go..the leaves will be down.  But we can go anyway and just have fun.

I am still being beat like a drum in Scrabble by my youngest!  However, I wrote down those Q words Connie gave me and used one!!!  The "qi" what ever that means. There are only perhaps 2 plays left before ...what else...he wins again.  However he'll only whup me by about 10 points.   I actually thought till a few moves ago that I would win!  Silly me.

Got to serve Her Majesty her supper.  She is still relaxing in the recliner!! But when she chooses to arise, supper will be waiting.   Here is an autumn blooming azalea I have.

Guys..I've been around and soon as I see anyone else updated I'll try to slide over there. ♥


  1. I smile at the little amount of rain being beaten. Sounds like us in Montana with temperatures or percipitation. It's quite the event when some record gets beaten until you look at our state's history with extremes one way or another. Here in Africa the temperatures are raising steadily each week. The worst will come when we leave thankfully...I can't even imagine it being worse than now! Beautiful picture you have there! I hope to be back to business as usual as of the first of November. Blessings to you Carole!

  2. Our friends in North Dakota got a blizzard! Not from DQ either! Snow in Iowa today? Say now, I'd take rain over that anytime. The word 'adz' - is a woodworking tool. Thought I'd give you a z word ;-) Beautiful photo.

  3. We got a good rain, don't know how much.I love the color of that azalea.

  4. We having a good weather so far and I am really looking for get away on this weekend.
    just have fun with my friends.
    The Azalea is very pretty!

  5. We had nearly 2 inches of rain. It was very welcome.
    Glad you could use one of the words. Qi is the vital force that according to Chinese thought is inherent in all things. Here's some more 2 letter words..'za' --a pizza; 'xi' --Greek letter; and 'xu' --a monetary unit of Vietnam. Two letter words come in handy. These came from The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. And speaking of tools: zax is a tool for cutting roof slates. I look forward to hearing you've won a game.

  6. The rain was very welcome here but the wind sure wasn't. It is very cold here this morning.
    The azalea is gorgeous!

  7. no apps on my phone so no games for me :( oh well lol.. i hear that is alot of fun to play though. Hope the weather is nice for you today.

  8. Consider yourself lucky, we got snow and minus weather here in Edmonton, it is 0C degrees here right now, it was -6C early this morning.

  9. The flowering plant is me hope that winter is still aways a way... : )

  10. Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow.