Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mother's Day May 2007

To all of my blogging family, Happy Mother's Day to you.

Mother's day is, along with Independence Day and Christmas, one of my personal three most favorite days of commemoration. The reason  for today is easy.

I consider it my life's highest honor to be a mom. Nothing else in my life has overtaken this honor. Not becoming employed in a successful career..not friends, not funding, nothing on earth. It is a God given gift.

To be entrusted if you will, with three perfect little ones. Entrusted to love and protect them with my life as long as they are with me. To be allowed to rear them to independence and reluctantly let go of my fierce grip on their lives; to open my hands and let them go. Surely one of life's hardest things to do. Letting go.

Many moms step back from the forefront of their children's lives but they are always there at the periphery...watching and waiting. Wanting to remove every stone from their child's path all the while knowing that is not expected nor wanted. The hardest thing is standing there and waiting to be asked for advice if needed. It too is rarely needed nor wanted. We mom's are hardwired to serve our family and children and equally hardwired to love them always, unselfishly and unfailingly.

I am a fortunate woman. I was given three precious and perfect sons. Those are my life's crown jewels. My most singular accomplishment. No better gift will ever be given me.

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  1. Yes, Motherhood is a God given gift and it is hard to let go. I'm very fortunate to have my 3 sons close by. Well, one is in TN, not too far for this Mom to visit. Good blog.