Friday, October 15, 2010

Must Be The Shoes June 2007

I wore SAS shoes, black oxfords that I had in the closet from another time to work yesterday. Still polished well thank goodness as I have no black polish nor a brush (I don't wear anything that requires shoe polish like that)
My feeties were hot, as they are used to being bare or in sandals BUT they did not hurt even a little bit of course. As I was wearing black silky slacks, one would not notice them particularly. So one hurdle down yesterday. My back hurt on rising and sitting BUT I did sit some in between people coming in. It did help. Today when rolling out, I am tight in the lumbar region and yes, it hurts more than if I were not working but it is not the exquisite pain I had last work week. Not yet. Saturday will be the test. LONG day on Saturday.

I got a chance to laugh yesterday. Several times. This guy came in and said he needed to speak to the owner who was busy. I asked if I could help and he said no..but he did ask if I was married. I shook my head and he said "You're awful purty. Will you marry me? I have lots of diamonds in the car out there!" I said "No" "Maybe" and "where's the car?" First really good laugh so far.

As to the continuing saga of who wins, me or the raccoons...I have yet to put anything into the new trash can. Probably tomorrow I will have to and then, Sunday morning I will either wake up to a mess or not.  Because her leftover cat food will be in there!  THAT is the big draw to the raccoons.

I already have the clock set early for Saturday morning. I am amazed I'm doing this (job) to myself. I guarantee you it isn't for the money :-)

You know what's waiting for me in there..I'm already in shorts and tank top. I've been to see a third of you. See the rest after I get off that thing and when I get home from work!!!
Have a wonderful weekend starting this very DAY! isn't it great! The weekend is here!!!

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