Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Pictures 4/07

posted some new pictures. That only happens once every 15 months!! But I got my new starter digital camera, a Nik-on last week, fumbled and got mad plenty of times and blogged about it too!! And came up with some pictures. I have posted a few of them in an album entitled not surprisingly, April 2007.

There you will see my slanted back yard. The woods, the trees I have been writing of these several years. Even the fence the animals come up to and jump over. The Redbud trees are blooming, misting the woods with the color of lavender and purple. There is the fine heavy cream of the Dogwood blossoms to enjoy as well. I included a picture of the oak tree that towers right over top of the house. It is in this album, and it gives me the jimjams every time the wind blows. Because it's spreading branches are in the City's right-of-way (electrical lines etc) it will cost me about $1300.00 to have it cut down. The one across the street (we all of us have one in our front yards...and they are all old, tall and venerable) blew over in a derecho (look it up...I had to when the weatherman first said what came through here ) last March and literally cut the house in two. I am not exaggerating. I have the pictures to prove it. The roots stuck up in the front yard...the crown of the tree two yards down. I may find them, scan them and post them too. I also have several photos of a hickory which fell in my back yard while I stood there watching in horror, during a storm. I kept hoping it would fall into my part of the woods but fell slanted toward and finally hitting the house next door. Sigh. Took my fence, their fence and the corner of their house down.

To those who inquired about pictures of me in the blog. I have those two and that will probably be about it as far as the blog is concerned.

I see I have a lot to learn about picture taking. I had the camera on 'auto' because *I* have NO idea whatsoever what I am doing. Just going from macro mode and non macro was an ordeal for me :-) Yet, some look over exposed, some washed out and some just not too good. Don't know why. I will have to ask one of my sons when he is available. Sorry about that. I had no idea you could mess up a digital picture but leave it to me..apparently I found a way to. But please look them over anyway..and enjoy my little house. I think I posted a couple from inside too including the ever talked about treadmill. A few of the blog family wanted a tour. I have others I wanted in there but I haven't learned how to rotate pictures yet to where they will stay rotated when I upload them. I have a program but it may as well be written in Sanskrit.

No treadmill this morning. I will have had several days break. I will make breakfast for oldest son when he wakes up and take him back home. Thanks to him I have the pictures on the computer. Otherwise they would still be resting comfortably in the memory card. It's 33 degrees. When I have spoken of wearing shorts I only mean for the treadmill..not for the rest of the day. Brrr.

Have a wonderful day! It is beautiful here if cold.

P.S. I believe that is a snow flurry out there! This is almost 2100 hrs.

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