Sunday, October 3, 2010

Night After the Day Before 2/07

Since they are more complicated than usual, I had my taxes done by my CPA. Well, heck, I never do them myself anyway, but this time, I decided to use the CPA for certain since I have a lot of turns, dodge 'ums, and different paths in my tax return this year what with interest incomes and all that sort of thing. And..the good part is I get a refund. I didn't expect that. I was certain I would be paying again. I got that very unpleasant surprise 6 years ago. There was a source of income..I had the usual amount of tax taken out..mistake. WAY not enough. After I found I had to pay Uncle a lot of money, I had an additional amount besides the usual taken from that source before it got to me. That was an ew-glee feeling when I found I owed.

All that to say I get a refund this year and... a tad more than last year. Another surprise. Come on..let's go out to eat..on me! Whattya say to Ruby's?

Found out this afternoon that the across the street neighbor's daughter has a crush on my little grandson. Who knew??? I think it's funny. They have an attractive nuisance in their yard which is a huge trampoline. We kept poor ol' grandson off it successfully every time they visited me, but he was specifically invited this last time and now..he has an admirer in the person of the daughter of the house. They are both very young. She's 9.'s a lolly pops and candy heart "relationship". And grandson is blissfully unaware. Men!

Been an almost extraordinarily busy day but then, I like them that way. When the weather lets up in coldness I have threatened a Kentucky blogger with a visit!!!! However, closer to, I will be gone all the time every day! Can't WAIT! I will do some traveling. I have in mind to use my National Forest Passport. I want to get it filled up. travel in the heat, the sun..go here and there! YES!

Look out Texas..I may head YOUR way. (what was that sound? the sound of door's slammin' and winders bein' boarded up???)

You all have a great night. I will too..believe me!

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