Thursday, October 14, 2010

North to Alaska 5/29/2007

Mornin'!! I just got another text as did another son from N, the son who went to Alaska last week. He is still there of course but I know he at least had ONE good day. His text message said he was happy, that he'd had a good day photographing and that he got some Grizzlies, Moose, Foxes, Marmot (I think it's spelled) and others. His is largely a wildlife "thing" i.e. that he likes to photograph wildlife mostly. He's not particularly into taking photos of people though certainly, he does..

I'm in here when I should be you-know-where. I am dressed..sweatband on my head (bandanna) and ready. But I detoured into here. Got tickled about the text message. I know it will take N. quite a time to go thru all the pictures on the memory cards and process them. So I have promised myself I will not get impatient. He will have literally thousands to go through. He will post the cream of the crop on the Nikon Forum page but I am hoping some of the cream will come to his Space also. I for one will lobby for that.

My heel pain has abated to where it isn't painful to wear socks and shoes. And I slept decently without the icepack. I say it's the good thoughts I read here in the comments, and, thank you.

I enjoyed one of the comments regarding the cyber family. When I said I was grillin' Saturday and to come on over..someone said how cool it would be to have our cyber family all together for a cookout! It would, wouldn't it? I feel like I know a lot of you as well as my actual neighbors. We reveal ourselves quite a lot in our blogs though some, especially me, delude ourselves that we don't. Oh yes we do. You'd know me in a heartbeat. Just look for a doll, packin'...and my voice is strangely reminiscent of Leila Ali's on "Dancing With the Stars". Seriously..I have never liked my voice. To me it isn't very feminine and when I heard Leila Ali..I thought how she sounds like me... quite a lot. Do not infer that I think something is "wrong" with Leila's voice.  I do not.  I am saying only that mine and hers are somewhat alike. And boy is Leila feminine, as am I.  I am only speaking of voice tonal qualities here.  More than one time when my sons were in transition to puberty, their voices was mistaken for mine. One guy who had called to ask me out, mistook my middle boy for me of all things, and B. the middle son, about 12 at the time, told him that I was busy, pretending to be me, falling into the fun of answering FOR me since the doofus calling thought he was me! So much for that would be date. Just as well though. The guy turned out to be a jerk.

One other thing. I was talking to my brother on the phone yesterday. He was talking about how time seems to be going by so quickly. He is retired. I had been in conversation with several other retired people prior to that conversation and one answered the burning question very well...about how time seems to go by so blurringly fast when you are not working. He said: Control. When you are working, you have no control over your time. Even when you are are still being controlled as you know that time is set and it will end at a given time...every time. When you have ceased an every day are in control finally. It's giddy at first and you don't feel the passage of time necessarily. But when the giddiness wears off and a little boredom (no matter how pleasant) sets become aware that time is swiftly passing and your life with it. It always was, but you were so "nose to the grindstone' you were unaware. Interesting.

This is turning into a book. Oh, sorry but I could not resist. While you were eating Saturday, I eBayed your shoes you left by the door!!!

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