Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not That Long Ago 2/07

I am emailing a good friend and the topic of sleeping came up. She asked a rhetorical question: why do the nights, i.e. sleeping, go faster than the days when most are at work.

It reminded me of very unpleasant times in my work career. Too many of those unpleasant times. Anyone who has read this blog knows that until very very recently I was on a 12 hr. shift rotational job. 12 hr. midnights, 12 hr. day shifts. That's fine as you get used to it. What you find hard to get used to is mandatory overtime. That makes it a 16 hr. shift. By the time you travel home, get undressed, feed the pets, take a shower and hit the, (especially if you're a woman with the hair, makeup to do when you get up and etc. plus make your meals for while you're gone) find you have 4 1/2 hrs. in which to sleep. You do the usual everyone does when you get up..only you're rushing quite a bit (it becomes routine, believe me) and you're out the door on your way to work. Again. I always said to those who said " well, at least you're paid for the overtime" that I didn't want to be the richest worker in the graveyard.

To follow on with my topic, I was just writing her about the incident (among many) where I had a 16 hr. mandatory OT shift every other day for a week. I was really dragging my anchor in a manner of speaking. I had worked that midnight shift + 4 hrs. of the day shift making 16 hrs and got into my street clothes, drove home, fed the cat, hit the shower, checked the alarm, hit the bed and when the alarm went off I sat straight up in the bed dazed and said aloud, to no one was there..." You're KIDDING!" I was so tired, so exhausted that I must have fallen asleep before I got the sheet pulled up as it was still pooled at the foot of the bed where I had turned it down.. It seemed to me I had just lain down. I couldn't believe it was time to get UP! I reached for and checked the clock..yes, it was time to get up and go thru it again. Oh was hard to put those legs over the edge of the bed and start walking out of the room. (You learn in a hurry never to linger. When the alarm rings..get up immediately or you may regret it. I always did and do.)

I might add that I quit wearing contacts after years of wearing them because my eyes were always so tired from a lack of sleep and one day, I had put both into one eye not realizing it till I was hunting for the other one...couldn't find it and took out the one that was already in, only to find BOTH were in. I said the heck with it. I'll just wear my glasses.

Anyway, just a not too fond and recent memory about what it is like to be a shift rotational worker.

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