Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nothing Better May 27, 2007

Youngest is gone and in Alaska. He can't tell me anything till he comes back because the strength for cell phones is just zip where he's going and where he is. We will see what pix he comes back with.

The middle son and his son are here as I said yesterday and will leave mid afternoon. I hate that and wish they could stay always. You know how moms and grandma's are! I took several photos of my grandson out on the deck with his bubble wand and he caught a good one on his tongue! So I uploaded that'un.

They worked hard yesterday. Everyone but the youngest who is traveling, was here. And since it was a fine day, they cut down the holly tree/bush that was in a bad place, looked scraggly and hauled it down into the woods. Then (I had just bought a new electric trimmer!!) my son trimmed the Bridal's Wreath bush way back and we hauled the limbs down into he woods. He trimmed back the Forsythia really well. It's half what it was..we hauled those branches down too. Then, the neighbor handed us the "Round Up" for poison ivy if we wanted it. We sure did. That stuff is rampant over my back fence!!! Out of control. I can't even close the back gate. Grandson opened it not knowing what he did and I hurried him straight into a hot soapy shower. He didn't mind. Hope it was in time!!! So..maybe the "Round Up" will take hold and kill the stuff. I will try to get someone bush-hog along the fence. $$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!

It looks SO much better out there. I'd take pictures but no one would be interested.,.so I will not bother posting any.

It will be hard to see them leave today. Grandson brought his huge extremely well done school project for me to see. He has been an angel the whole time he has been here. He usually is.

He has been in and out of here fifty million times and the phone's been a ringin' so I give up. It will be quiet enough within a few hours, so I'm not complaining.

I have walked around the "Estate" here this morning admiring all their hard work yesterday! WOW! What a difference!! House needs a thorough re-cleaning though. Like how it got dirty! VIVA family!

Guys, hope it has been a great weekend so far and tomorrow is Memorial Day. My favorite outside of the Forth of July (and Christmas). Remember what the day is for and celebrate our Country.

P/S They are gone..the house is sparkling.  Rather have a dirty house.

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