Thursday, October 14, 2010

Off to See the Wizard May, 2007

I took off like a big bird to the next city where I went to Be-st Buy and got me a new TV. I spoke of that yesterday. I had a hard time getting it out of the car and into the house. My poor lower back. But I couldn't find anyone to help me so if I wanted it, I had to do it myself. Now it is sitting there waiting on a stand and hook up. It will be awhile before I get to see it working. Have to wait on some assistance.

But I was a good girl and did my exercise before I left.

I decided on split pea and ham soup for supper. It was delicious. I didn't make it, no. But Camp-bell's makes a great commercial soup there with split pea and ham.

I was out on the deck but the nesting Chickadee's make it really hard to stay. They are mad as they have claimed the deck as theirs seeing that they are nesting in that wind chime not 3-4 feet away from me. So when I am out there they are constantly fussing, wanting me gone. The hummingbirds accept that I am within feet of them and they do not care one bit. I have seen those guys feeding when it is almost full dark!!! They are going to town. I have to refill every few days. It only holds 8 oz. and is one of those newer type ones that are flat.The guys LOVE it. It was newly put out last week with cold nectar straight from the fridge. They were parked on it in minutes, sitting and drinking it dry! I think they like this style better than the old fashioned tubular one.

I came in to give the Chickadee's a break for awhile but I sure wish I was out there reading. Dang. The cat has taken over the bed..the time I vacuum...where I sit..and now the Chickadee's rule the deck. I just rent breathing space I guess.

Outta here. I hope to watch my one TV show..Dancing With the Stars. Don't call me now!!

Have an awesome evening.

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