Sunday, October 3, 2010

Off we Go 2/07

Hi ho. It's off we go...maybe. It is snowing to beat the band out there on top of my mountain! Me and a dear friend are planning as of our last conversation last night, to go to (my first) estate sale. She likes to go to those and flea markets. I had never been to either till my first flea market with her late last year. I had a good time! And this will be the first estate sale. It is so wonderful to be able to DO these things and not be on mids...or even day shifts working as the 12 hr. shifts made it too late to ever get to any place after work. And you SURE can't go BEFORE. Nothing open but Wal-Mart or other places open all night.

We are planning to have lunch out too, but again, it is snowing pretty well right now.

I am taking a break from the fitness thing today with the exception of the weights. 7 days a week is pretty good and that is what I have been doing. But I would like a break for today. Maybe. I will see the treadmill when I get back and feel guilty probably. Or I may stick my tongue out at it.

I helped someone late yesterday again regarding job her in with everything else that was being done. She has already been turned down for 2 she applied for without knowing the requirements. I am working on her on that. It is a lack of computer skills that's doing her in. Yesterday I tried to gently let her know that. She hasn't much income so going to classes is not an option. She may have to change her direction and try another retail position. She is a dear friend so I want to be the best help I can be for her..that's why I did her resume and whatever else that there is no use mentioning here. I gave her my computer, mouse, 3 in one printer etc., when I got this one I am using now. She's waiting on someone to set it up for her. Meanwhile she calls and asks to use this one. But she's not really familiar with one like this so I do it for her. Saves both our nerves. mascara awaits me. Can't go out without THAT for pity sakes. May as well be nekkid.
So, off to put that on..a final pat to the hair ( R U kidding? I style that stuff well!) and hopefully off to the sale.

Have the best of weekends, have fun, tell your family you love them.

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