Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh Boy oh Boy oh BOYYYY Oct 2007

Tonight is...DWTS!!  Can't wait.  Phone don't ring..door stay closed and un-door knocked.  Do Not Disturb. 

To me, there is only one set of winners though there can only be one winner.  Either Serena or Helio.  No one else comes close. If someone made me Queen and said " You pick the winner" it would be Serena.

I was surprised while talking to my brother a few evenings ago to hear him declare that his wife, my sister-in-law of course, was " nailed to the television Monday and Tuesday nights".  I confessed that I too was nailed to it.  For the same reason no doubt.  To me, ain't nothing else on that warrants that devotion but DWTS. 

Unfortunately W. my brother gave me the opening though he didn't know present MY little thoughts about who was what and when and why.  He was patient and listened to all my learned thoughts.  I told him I called it pretty much the past two seasons before this one and I do believe I will be right again. He also likes "Pushing Daisies" same as I do.  That is one good show.  As I said before, you can certainly tell that Tim Burton has a hand in it.  You could go through and point out this or that about the show but sometimes, it's best to just shut up, sit back and enjoy it.  I, as does anyone watching, know the truth.  But we aren't expected to believe this..just enjoy it.

Meanwhile, the headache goes on due to the meds I am taking (side effect) and I have several more days to go through.  Better to go through the headaches than the malady.  Red rose

We will have our first hard freeze tonight.  It was 39 this morning.  I believe the weather has finally come round to staying something close to Fall now.  Several other bloggers reported hard frost in their areas as well.

It will almost be time for the news so guess I will move on.  You guys have a great evening..I will see you soon I hope.  I've already rolled your yards if you haven't noticed already!  Red heart

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