Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh, Come ON now! -- May 2007

No one can ever accuse me of not being all for animals. Read my blogs and you'll see I am a cat slave. I have equal respect for those who are dog slaves. You have a pet...they tend to become a family member and you'll usually go to any possible length to keep them healthy. They give a lot of love in return for the love and care you give matter what kind of pet they are. HOWEVER....what I just saw on the news a few minutes ago (NBC) goes way past common or good sense. And I don't care who gets mad when I say that giving an expensive (or otherwise) birthday party for your dog/cat/whatever is beyond the pale!!!!!!!!!!!! Birthday parties for the pet. Party favors of bags of pet treats and toys ($$$) ...and expensive decorated cake (who knows what it's made of..liver pate?) $$$$ Oh, pul-eeze! Fourteen "guests" all in their little sweaters/coats and hats. What a misery you are putting the pet through. Mailbox decorations..the whole enchilada. Come on, people. Use that vast waste of money to help out the local animal shelter! Donate on behalf of folks who absolutely cannot afford it and pay for a spay or neutering. DO something right with that money you are tossing away; be responsible, not frivolous. Buy some bags of cat or dog kibble and give it to the local feral animal rescue. They humanely trap animals (usually cats) take them in to be neutered and then return them to live as long as they can...which isn't much probably due to a lack of Vet care on a regular basis. But at least they try to do something about the heartbreaking problem of unwanted pets by spaying and neutering. And by lugging kibble out to their colonies to keep them fed decently after they have been neutered. Vet's volunteer to help by doing the surgery. Don't make others who ARE responsible pet owners shake their heads at you and your foolishness. Have you nothing better to do?

What about Landis who won the Tour de France two years ago? And they are still contesting that, saying he took steroids or hormones. Come on.... Landis, as does any person in that race knows that immediately following the win, there are the mandatory blood tests. If he has any common sense at all, he won't be taking any illegal substance knowing full well the cat would be out of the bag right after. Why would he put himself thru that???? Frankly, I believe him.

You know what? I am on one rant after the other and this is the Lord's day! How 'bout I put a cork in it...and see you later. Oh, the man did get here yesterday to fix the heat for me. ( he was cute!) It was heavenly getting warm again. Even the cat became more expansive (but I didn't feel an urge to throw a party for her). OK. I quit.

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  1. DITTO, the stupidity of it all, wasting money on those kinds of things and the pets don't give a rat's patootie. Good blog.