Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh What an October DAY!

As I said in Face Book, it is a gorgeous, stunning, fabulous, glorious day! THE best day in the entire world!

It is sunny, cool, not cold..breezy, near cloudless..just some puffy October clouds proud to be there..and the fall fragrances are starting to become more distinct. Fresh earth...leaves, a waft of flower occasionally and still, the scent of green.

I hurried and got dressed..headed out with the camera and got a few pictures of the very last flowers I can find. I uploaded them to my HD, I haven't messed with them at all yet. I did a little forgotten about shopping. Got a NY strip steak and a thick one for the oldest who will be here awhile Sunday. At least $10.00 a pound. Man. We'll have steak fries with that. Come hungey..stay late, y'all.

The blasted cat decided to scent my entire complete head last night. In the deep dark night time. Later, she came back and laid on my head to sleep. She also came back later to put her face in mine to make sure I was still breathing. Once satisfied (the sniffing so rapidly always makes me sounds cute) she left on "little cat's feet". Sorry, I had to say it.

OK. Time to shampoo even if it is early afternoon. I've been out with the insects and ticks..want to make sure I at least try to scrub them up and off.


  1. YUMMY!! Bring on the steak and fries. Sounds good.

  2. Are cats supposed to steal a baby's breath during the night? That's the tale I always heard from my old wife.

  3. P.S. I've looked on FB and can't find you. Send me your email address (or name you use on FB) in a comment on my page and I'll delete it rather than post it for everyone to see.

  4. ohhh, now I want to go to Texas Roadhouse :P
    can't wait for the rain to go away & get that pretty weather!

  5. Sounds like the day here! After torrents of rain yesterday (and ick, slugs in the outdoor feral cats food!), today is sublime! Windows open, leaves rustling and me, I'm having steak and frites for dinner, too! Tomorrow, I'm off to a RenFest with first in about 25 years! And I am still working on posts for my blogs...

  6. Steak and fries-Drooling here. She sure keeps a good watch over you. Was beautiful here this morning too but now the sun and clouds are fightng for supremacy. Routing for the sun.

  7. When it comes to steak (and other things as well) you get what you pay for. Your meal sounds delish!

  8. Insects and ticks? Is that the gang you run with? the gang.
    Today, here, it was not a fabulous October day though the doom and gloom the local weather progosticators had predicted. It was windy, then it started to rain. It's still raining however it wasn't the end of the world as predicted though I know other part of the east coast were really hit. Whoops! I wrote a mini blog! And by the way I like mine cooked medium please.

  9. I loved NY cut steak with midium and sometime have asked to rare because some restaurant over cooked.
    We have a wonderful day for 22Cel and tomorrow too.
    you and Admiral's having with out trouble thats good hear enjoy with your weekend.

  10. Have a wonderful weekend Carole.
    xx's Dianne :)

  11. Hi ya:) Steak and steak fries are my kind of meal. Love your blog here, especially the kitty lol. Hope your having a super day.