Thursday, October 21, 2010

On a Roll 8/2007

I love it when you start typing and the entire blog goes off into who KNOWS where!!   It just dissipated!  I was minding my own business..had about 2 lines typed and ZAP!

Anyway, this is just to show you several more photos.  These were taken in an April windstorm...the news said the winds were 65 mph.  I was standing on my deck smoking (that was when I used to smoke) and I saw a big oak tree starting to go in circles.  Like..twirling.  Then I realized what was happening.  That the circumference the tree was "drawing" was getting larger and larger certainly told me the whole story...that the tree was ready to fall.  I said aloud.."oh PLEASE fall into my woods...PLEASE fall into my woods."  My incantation did not work..and it headed right into the house next door.  It broke my fence, their fence, hit the edge of their roof, glanced off and continued to fall with the crown of the tree resting 2 doors away.  SIGH!  I called the insurance Co.  They said, was it dead?  Yes.  Did I try to get it cut?  Yes.  I was in the process of taking bids.  So, my company paid for the whole thing.  Let's see if I can get the pictures in.  The house looking to be kind of at the top of one of the pics is mine.  I was standing in the woods taking pictures.Embarrassed

Please check that new album for a picture.  It's picture number 7.

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