Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oooh, That Hurt! 4/07

Went out to get some fuel for the car...OUCH!  That hurt.  A LOT!  We all feel the same pain, so no use in me going on and on about it.  You know what it's like.  Seems though that every time I head over the Mountains, the gas prices go up.  Coincidence, but annoying. 

Getting ready for the trip.  Almost finished.  I put some things into the trunk of the car today already to save the annoying trips back and forth in the morning.  Lot of stuff.  One, you know how women are..even for just a 48 hours trip, and two, I am taking some things to them.  Several surprises.  But no baked goodies this time.  None were requested.

I love Mozilla Firefox as my browser.  I was dragged kicking and screaming away from I.E. because something in MSN Spaces and I.E. were not working well and I couldn't get to my blog. A LOT of times.  So one of my boys installed Firefox and I haven't looked back.  The extras, or add-ons you can have are super!!! I glanced up a minute ago and saw the weather thru till Sunday.  I saw my little icons for a lot of things that work well for me and my circumstances.  If those things are on I.E. I would not know, as I guess I couldn't get I.E. to stay up  without crashing long enough to find them. 

A woman who patently has nothing to say like this should stop typing.  So I will leave you with a Ta Ta till later..and I'll check in several times more before I leave early tomorrow.  I will also visit you while I am there..and  I may say something equally as unimportant as today's entry.

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