Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ooops! I Did it Again! July 2007

What's a fella or woman I should say, to do I ask you?  There I was...going after some perfume at a department store (I always buy the whoopty -doo stuff) and I walked past shoes.  One pair of black leather ballet type shoes ON SALE later, I headed toward perfumes and Oh MY!  a fashion strand of pink "pearls"!  Have to have THOSE!!~! And so onward toward perfumes and my goodness!  Liz Claiborne on sale (and it was still too much even at 35% off) but..I bought a pure linen top and a matching pure linen jacket-like top.  I mean, like, you HAVE to if it's Liz and on sale!!!  I started toward perfumes and gave up the option, cut my losses and left the store!! Sometimes you gotta do what you have to do!  Add to that my 18k rose gold wide hoop earrings at a large price and I think you can stick a fork in me, I'm done!

I'm preparing for my work week.  I must give myself a manicure.  I so dislike that.  I'd rather have plain nails but I need to keep my hands and cuticles better groomed.  I've let them go so long. So it's a chore to do them at least once a week. 

We went out to eat last night..a girlfriend and I, and I had a good time.  We left the restaurant and headed to Penney's. I picked up and almost got several things but put them back.  So much for that as I bought all that today and more!! I was telling my friend about several weeks ago when I was at that same restaurant by myself and someone paid for my meal.  I asked the wait person who, if that was OK to ask..he pointed at a gentleman who saw me looking toward him and he, the gentleman, nodded.  I smiled and he rose to ask as I was leaving if I had an enjoyable meal.  He was by himself..too bad they didn't put us together.  Gosh, what a diva, huh? (Here is the P.S.)  But you know...there is nothing wrong with a glance or a look toward a man who appeals to you. Nor is it wrong for a man to acknowledge that the woman he passes by looks appealing to him. I have been nodded toward on the road occasionally and I admit to looking (through my lashes, of course Wink) to the attractive fella I may see here or there. 

These past 2 days I have been napping about 45 minutes in the afternoon and sleeping the usual at night.  I think I have caught up on my sleep.  No more napping though as tomorrow starts the work week as I mentioned. I have the new things to wear though.  That will make it more bearable going in.

It has been raining a little each day for two days now.  Maybe the intensity of the drought will lessen.  My yard only needs to be mowed once a month now. Saving me money on lawn care but at what a price otherwise.  So glad I declined having the lawn re-seeded this past late Spring.  Shoot, I would have a water bill the size of the State what with the drought we have been going through. 

There is lightening and thunder..the better part would be to get off the computer.

Have a super evening.  I'll drop by.  (ice cream would be nice, thanks)Red heart

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