Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Over the Mountains Oct '07

It has been an absolutely beautiful day today!  I haven't been out much to enjoy it as I have this pounding headache from the meds.  Just 3 more days worth. Lest I sound too pitiful, it only hurts maybe half the day to three quarters,  I get a few breaks.

I will be headed over the mountains this Friday after all.  Made the final decision.  Figure I ought to be over the headachy stuff by then for pete sake.

I hope those of you who are birders and bird lovers have geared up for feeding the birds starting about now.  For me, I never stopped.  It's a 12 month a year deal.  But the poor guys could use your help this Winter for certain as it has been a cruel summer for many of us, with drought.  The natural foods they use may be uncertain now due to no rain.  Please think of them and the job they do for us- and feed them at least through the worst part of the Winter.  Their natural hunting and feeding areas are being encroached on more and more and more.  No wonder we have so much wildlife coming into our yards and trying to feed from the garbage cans.  One of my sons has several hawks who live very near by who eat at his feeders..and capture some of the small birds who eat there as well.  The hawks will drink from the water stations he has set up in his yard.  Part of that is because a big housing development that was "installed" right behind his property...taking a lot of wooded area that animals and birds were using.  Now, they depend on my son to some degree and others in the neighborhood who try to take care of them.

By the way...before I leave that topic..buying  shelled sunflower seeds and safflower seeds will guarantee you woodpeckers of all sorts!Smile  Miss Catt takes up a comfortable position (see my profile picture) to watch what she is pleased to think of as her "television".  That would be the feeder and water station in the front yard.  If the front door is closed, she goes to a window to watch and dream.  Red heart

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