Sunday, October 3, 2010

Part 3 2/07

Tell you what! Yesterday was sunny, gorgeous and all you could ask for at 65 degrees. Only thing that was a consideration was the wind.

It was so nice that very early afternoon I headed over to the Marina with my camp chair, my book, phone and a bottle of water. Good thing I had my leather jacket in the car, as when I got set up over there on the grass and had reacquainted myself with the gulls, geese, coots and ducks, the wind almost blew the hair off my head. I sat there anyway, determined to enjoy the day regardless. Needless to say, I did not read. Who could, with wind like that!? Pages would be blown out of the book. I did talk on my cell phone though. I was determined to stay for a while at least and made it for 50 minutes. Goodness, that wind was brutal. But it was pretty out!! A harbinger of Spring so near to us now.

My son will be back from his business trip sometime today. I can take those newspapers over to him the weekend so he can see his picture that was printed.

P.S. Guess what? I stopped off after lunch with a friend to the Pet Supply place to get wild bird safflower seeds and a few things for Her Hineyness (cat) here that lives with me. One of the staff was holding a snake. I asked his name and what was he. Turned out he is a Python. Completely unfurled he is 4 feet long though you'd never know it. He was all in a nice coil in and around this girl's hand and wrist. His head and face if you can call it that was pleasant believe it or not. He seemed what he was...quite used to people and being a pet. I was asked if I wanted to touch him and thought..why not? So I did. He was like cool silk. So smooth and satiny. Just thought I would throw that in. As my son said " And you lived to tell about it!".

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