Thursday, October 14, 2010

People, Places and Things May, 2007

I have mentioned the two fossils from my middle son and yesterday my youngest spent a good part of the day with me and gave me another fossil! They were together when they purchased them and it came down to who was giving which. This fossil is a whale's tooth! And a long curved veritable saber it is!!! I have it in the gem and fossil cabinet.

I do have the new HDTV hooked up with all its additional things i.e. amplifier, tuner, etc. He, son, brought his collection of the Planet Earth series to look at after lunch. Loved it. Factual and beautiful. The BBC produces it. Or rather to say they are responsible for our being able to view the DVD's. I think this series is on The Discovery Channel that you get when you have ordered high definition television service from your cable provider. I just have regular cable but I think there are a few "free" HDTV shows on that you might be able to get the signal for your TV w/o the cable company HD hookup. I think.

Meanwhile as my car was out of service the entire weekend, I have been out a long time today getting things done that were put off. Sunday I had requested of my son transportation to be able to safely mail some bills yesterday at the P.O. (no way am I going to leave bills I have paid, out for the mail man to pick up.) right after our Mother's Day lunch and we stopped at the store so I was able to get some milk plus our dessert. Today however, was full of things including returning a huge tarp that I borrowed for the weekend, groceries, things for the animal shelter..the repair person for the car, and so on. Plus lunch with a dear friend. Then more running around. I have made it increasingly hard to avoid the bookshelves now. I bought a little table about 4 feet long and 2 1/2 feet wide on which to lay the books as they come off the shelves. I can't keep bending down to pick 'em up or lay 'em down (lower back disc problems) so table or nothing since i can't get anyone to help me with it. Too much like work I guess.

I cleaned out my clothes closets of 2 leaf and lawn bags full of good clothing and some unworn shoes, to donate to a friends church which actually does distribute clothing to needy folks. No dumpster diving on me, for those women who raid the donation bins for donated clothes so that they themselves can sell it and make money. I have never left another bag of good clothing at any of the usual places..Salvat-ion Ar-my, Good W-ill, VF-W, none. I'd rather throw them in the trash than donate to those bins and frankly, I wonder why only dregs are hanging up in the stores for the folks who need them, after I had brought in many really fine clothes. I think I know. Some folks go thru them cherry picking from the really good items and leave the rest for buyers who come in.

This is descending into a rant-like blog. Sorry. See you on the other side.

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  1. Sometimes in these second hand stores, the prices are too high for the needy person to buy. Some churches provide to the needy, which is probably the best drop off place. Of course some churches have yard sales from donations, so I wonder...