Thursday, October 21, 2010

Perk 8/2007

I remember that several months ago, I had written of the one real perk of working where I do.  Yesterday I had a wonderful reminder of that blog and I am inspired to tell you of this one.

Folks with an "attitude" may as well stop reading now.

It was a mundane day for us..sales were alright but nothing particularly notable.  An older gentleman came in, well spoken and in seeming good health.  He was perhaps in his mid seventies I am guessing.  He had come for his special order. (We custom design and make on site, jewelry the customer wants).  My fellow salesperson was standing nearer and so he took care of the customer and I had the pleasure it turns out of just standing by and observing.

His order was retrieved and inside was a model he brought in for what turned out to be a custom made necklace.  The model, the gentleman told me had been on top of their wedding cake.  It was perhaps a 5 inch high metal cross and at the center were two circles representing wedding bands.  He had brought this saved memento of his wedding in to have the necklace made for his wife on their 49th anniversary. 

My fellow salesperson unwrapped it for the gentleman to see.  It was in one of our lovely presentation boxes...a leather looking outer box and inside a white satin portfolio.  Within, a gleaming exact replica of the cross with the two wedding rings..attached to a gold chain. 

If you could have been there as I was to see that gentleman's face when the satin was folded back so that he could see the necklace he had commissioned, you would have been as enchanted as I.

His head was lowered a little so he could see the wonderful surprise he had chosen for his lady...and that smile.  Oh!  That smile!!! I felt the sting of tears on the backs of my eyes.  Luckily for me, they did not spill.

To see love like that is a privilege and an honor.  I am so glad I was present. 

I spoke then and told him how beautiful it was..and congratulated him on the occasion of his anniversary.  He had it all planned how he was going to present it and told us all.  I guess I was the only one who cared but the others were at least polite.  :-)  he mentioned another custom made piece with three roses..and said in an aside that the roses were special to them as a couple.  I was just bowled over.  He could see by my face how much it meant to hear it and offered to bring it by for me to see one day.  That was precious. 

I have not seen that look directed to me in my life nor will I but I can be honored to see it in others and rejoice and be glad for them.

Have a wonderful day.  Who knows..if I ever get ready and out the door this morning, I may have some couples looking for engagement rings!  Red heart

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