Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Plants 10/07

Well, gosh.  It was in the 40's last night..will be again tonight.  Not rising (till next week) above the high 60's so I guess my cacti have to come in.

I dread that every year just as I rejoice when the poor guys can go outside and get some REAL sun.  I dread them coming back in because the cat says "Hey hey HEY!!! What do we have HERE to knock over and nest among even though I know mommy doesn't want me to?" I used to have 12 plants of varying big sizes when, asleep one day while on midnight shifts, I got up to find my freshly watered cacti on the floor.  MUD everywhere.  Plants broken.  Succulents are not forgiving of falling like that.  Their tender water filled arms break and that's that.  So, when I say there was mud all OVER my brand new (wouldn't have mattered in this case if it was OLD carpet) carpet.  Off white,  You can see it in my pictures.  Mud will dry, ugly as it is, and you can vacuum and shampoo the carpet but the poor plants..I only have 5 surviving.  With the exception of mother's cactus as I call it (stapelia)  the carrion smelling when it blooms with star shaped blooms as large and larger than your hand one...I wish they could find other homes.  It is so much a drag every year trying to keep those guys happy.

I have a baby of one of my middle sons' jade plants too.  He has the original daddy of them all...with a literal TRUNK now...that sucker is BIG!  My "baby" is pretty darn stout too I might add.

So when I schlepp all these in here again, I will have to remember to keep the computer room door closed at night and most of the day till Miss Catt learns all over again that jumping up there is a no-no.  Forgetting to close the door is a nightmare.  I have been known to get up out of bed to see if it's closed.  After a month or so, I can sort of trust her again.  Of course I thought I could when the knock-over occurred.  So you never know.

  I have just taken some pictures a few minutes ago.  You can see "mother's cactus", the larger one with the arms spread out across the wood and down AND some blooms just starting to form (P-U!!) and the Christmas cactus and several other ones and a jade plant.  Most of all..look who took up a position on the floor not seconds after the front door hit my behind???? 
My oldest just got a new job!  Far as I'm concerned, for me...any excuse for a celebration.Smile

Been up on the treadmill and threw around the weights.  Nobody better make me mad, all *I* can say.  I believe I can take ya!
Red heart

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