Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pointy Toes 10/07

Oh man.  I was in Be-lks this afternoon and my on sale.  Call me Imelda.  I saw some white and some ivory colored pointy toed (LOVE LOVE LOVE those!!) high heels and put 'em on.  Oh they looked SO good.  Thing is..I wear a 6 1/2 and these were 5 1/2.  It's one  of those things you crazily consider as they were $79.00 and marked down to $11.95..however my cooler headed side won out and I didn't buy either pair.  I went thru the rest of the store...went to the perfume counter and had a snuffle of Burberry for women (of course).   I didn't buy it either.  Matter of fact, I came out unscathed and my wallet intact.  Credit cards unsinged.  And too..though I love fashion and shoes..I am usually in my jeans.  Just so you know. Angel

It was not raining today. That was bad but it was also good as the sun was out and though we desperately need know how it can be.  Beautiful day makes for a better outside experience.  INside here the smell is terrible.  Those who aren't familiar with this cactus and its odor when blooming need only Google Stapelia Cactus.  It smells of rotted meat when blooming, hence the black flies all over it if it were still outdoors as I  so badly wish it was!!!  Never had to go thru the entire blooming cycle INSIDE before.  It had always bloomed and THEN I had to have it in here till the blooms withered and fell (with some help from me) (sorry, Mother).

Anyway, I woke in the night uncomfortable and when getting up for the day I felt I had a viral thingy so I went straight to the Dr. and indeed I do have a viral thingy.  I have something to make me a little more comfortable and...ta dah, I got my flu shot while there. Maybe tomorrow I will be a little less uncomfortable. 

I am almost out of my big box of cherry tea.  Next weekend I hope to be going over the mountains to Charlotte whereupon I will go to the European store and get more tea and more of those odd cookies.  They have all things Russian it seems.

Meanwhile, I am tempted to put this danged cactus's killin' me I tell you.  If it was not getting down to the mid 40's, I would...believe it.

Missed my treadmilling today and the weights due to all I had to do.  However tomorrow will get here and the treadmill will still be there.

You all have a good night.  Red heart

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