Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Predictable 4/07

I see that I have become a creature of habit. I am on the treadmill during Regis and Kelly. That's what is always on it seems, while I am doing the treadmill thing. So apparently I am up there by 9 at the latest. Now, I can't hear it but I do my best lip reading attempts. I'm reading and listening to the iPod. One or both. And the television is usually tuned to CBS for its morning news as it, CBS, appears to me to be somewhat less obviously slanted than, say, ABC which screams out its bias..and loudly! You in my blog family may recall my blog several days ago when I had yet another Andy Rooney moment asking what happened to journalistic neutrality? It is smothered, that is dead and buried under political correctness. R.I.P.

Meanwhile, I have done my duty on the 'mill, tossed and twirled my weights around, made up a small menu for the week's end as the oldest is coming over and I get to COOK! He doesn't know it yet but he is having some sort of tortilla thingy that I found a recipe for. Of course he reads my blog so he will know anon. So I am headed to the grocery store.

I have some chicken in the some chicken do-hickeys probably for the second day.

The rest of the sons and grandson ought to be back from the Outer Banks by weeks end so looking forward to some new pictures on the youngest sons blog d200guy by then. Maybe SOMEONE will help ME get MINE onto the computer also HINT HINT! and I can FINALLY upload something NEW for the Space! Come rescue this damsel in distress!!   Speaking of distress I was reading this and I had commas everywhere!  But what else is new? 

I am dressed, my widdle face is done, about to brush my hair and out to charm the town. Wish you were here! Have a super day!!


  1. Good morning Sis!
    I works so hard to transfer my Blog Archives to Wordpress now I can't blogs at WLS?
    But I can comments on my friends...
    It was sad feeling and I felt dead tired in end of days So I goes to bed by 2200hrs...
    Now 0400 in the morning, something in my mind to woke up that I don't like very much...
    I found you have camera on your blogs?
    I click on there is "not photos":-)

    You are back on treadmill thats a good news..
    I could be with you go to town??
    Enjoy with your family,

  2. Hey, isn't that interesting, I watch Regis & Kelly as well, also the View. Not much else on tv that time of the day.