Thursday, October 21, 2010

Question For You 8/2007

Before the question I want to pose to you all, I was going to say regarding my leaf problem as illustrated in the blog before this...I thought I would handle it better now that I am no longer tied hand and foot by that horrendous work schedule I have endured all these years.  I bought a leaf blower and thought to keep up with them that way.  A little at a time. Well, there is only one flaw in my thinking that I realized early on.  The leaves have to be gathered!  You can blow them as much as you want to, but when the quantity is huge like mine, you have to stop...rake them onto a cloth or whatever you may use and drag or carry them down the hill (that's my situation..see album for an idea how my yard is configured) and heave them over the back fence into the woods.  That's a lot of up and downing, a lot of heave ho-ing and a heckuva lot of raking.  Best left to hiring it to be done.  My lower back won't let me bend that much as I have whined about before.

The question you ask me?  Here it is:  But a background for you first.  A friend of mine retired for real from his job.  He has or had been, contributing to his company's 401k.  Of course he did that to help with his retirement funds once he was gone from the job.  So he has his SS, his pension and now his 401k.  What amazed him and when he told me about it, amazed me as well was the incredulous tone in the clerk's (whatever they are called) voice when he called to set up installment payment to himself (of course) out of his 401k.  He said the man said " You mean you actually want to draw money from it???" My friend said "yes" and the person offered his personal thoughts on the matter (and should not have) and allowed that many if not most (his opinion) left the money in their 401k's for their kid(s) to have as an inheritance when the employee died.  My friend said he needed it now to live decently and that's why he had been saving.  Of course that ended that little Q&A  and my friend got his installments set up.
Question for you now:  What is your opinion about that?  Should a person with children disregard on his/her own well being and leave their monies untouched in order to give their kid(s) an inheritance? I put it that way because that guy and his wife needed their own money to enable them to live decently. Are kids entitled to an inheritance regardless of your own welfare and always allowing that the kids will get the sale of your estate when you're gone.   Your thought?  There is no right or wrong answer..just opinions..and you know what they say..everybody has one.Wink


  1. I agree with what your friend did. He needs the money in order to enjoy HIS life and darn it, he worked for it.

    Now about your leaves, I would hire someone and save your back. After all, it's only a once-a-year thing.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    PS Still loving 'Maukie'!!

  2. He earned the money so it's his to enjoy in his retirement.