Monday, October 25, 2010

Question for your consideration 9/07

You know how Social Security always send those reports to all of us these days telling us our status.  It lets us know if we have enough Quarters in order to draw Social Security payments and it tells us year by year from the time we started working to the present how much income we and our employers reported that we made for any given year.  In there it will tell you what YOU have had taken from your paycheck in FICA. Social Security taxes.  I didn't even see that until I got into somewhat of an argument with my supervisor last year.

He stated that he had no idea really how little we pay into the system.  I promptly begged his pardon.  He promptly got right back with me and said while it seems as though we are giving a great deal each week, we are not. 

I would not believe him as he, same as many, would not give a figure so I didn't know what he meant by "not as much as we think".  We stopped the little disagreement and it wasn't till another came in the mail that I remembered to look at all of the statement and sure enough.  Through our working lifetimes, we really don't contribute (or have taken out) as much in total sum as we think we have had taken out.  Now here I am referring to the sum total of what WE ourselves contribute to the system.  We may tend to think we have given hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Well, for most of us, tain't so. So we think we have a pot  of money out there in Government land all to ourselves of X amount of dollars and it's all ours.  No one else's. 

What made me think of this was ads on TV from lawyers who handle disability claims.  His ad implies that you have this seemingly vast sum at your disposal.  No, your contribution is sometimes far less than you think it is.  Have a look next time you get one.  See what you think.

I just had to delete a lot of what I said because I am concerned about violation of copyright law. 
Go see "And so it goes on" where Caroldee gave us needed info on copyright laws and a good link to research.

I have tried to be careful most of the time but...I did not know that  there are most occasions when giving credit to the source does NOT make it OK.  You have STILL violated the copyright.  Some woman lifted my son's photos off his site.  He went to thank her for her visit, and found his pictures on her site.  Even with his very visible copyright symbol..there they were, in her gallery.  No thanks, no credit and even if she had, it's illegal. 

We already know this is a common thing that happens.  When you put pictures on your Space.. you will see they give easy access to them.  There is a feature that says prints.  Um..not real great I think.  That is something about Spaces that was included in a more through manner this last upgrade or so.  Some people don't mind..others do.  But it should be a choice I think, whether they are sharable or not. Two years ago, without thinking a thing of it, I sent 3 of someone's to a family member to look at, from someone else's site.  I was made aware by the family member I sent it to that was NOT the thing to do.  It was innocent in that it went just for someone (a single entity) to admire BUT it was still the wrong thing to do.  Since then I would never do that.  I just send a URL to a site if I want someone to see something that badly.  So..we all do it sometimes and I am not blameless. Not until the past several years.  :-)

Well, with that I say howdy and bye.  Have a super great weekend.  You're supposed to! Red heart

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