Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rain all Day 10/07

For this immediate area, we got 1.44 inches of rain in 48 hours.  Not much but it is a lot better than we had which was 0.  It didn't touch the drought but it did refresh the grass, what's left of it, and the plants..ditto there. 

Meanwhile, mother's cactus is opening one salad plate size blossom after the other and oh!  the smell is filling the entire house.  Oh gosh it's horrible.  I can't..or rather I feel like I should not dead head the blossoms as horrible as they smell, for fear of harming the plant.  Since I have had it for 30 years my goodness (mother has been deceased that long) I can't let anything happen to it now.  Usually it is outside when it blooms if it's going to of a year, but this time, the temps dropped to the mid 40's for a sustained period of time and therefore, the plants had to come in off the porch.  Oh, woe is me.  No one has visited since they opened..and if they did, who only knows if they would believe it is these beautiful huge flowers.

I am hoping that the rain goes over the mountains the way I wanted to go...and drenches Charlotte N.C.  They are also suffering badly there for lack of rain.  6 weeks or so ago when I was there, my son's grass was dead.  You are not allowed to water anything.  His fabulous roses have suffered terribly.  He has a wonderful green thumb but nothing helps when they will die of thirst.

That reminds me. On television today, I saw the poor animals in San Diego fire storm area.  Broke my heart.  The panicked horses, even llamas, house animals of course i.e. dogs and cats.  I was talking on the phone last night to a family member after having seen 20-20.  The innocent lives so horribly affected; and of course I am not referring just to animals..I mean all life that has been and is affected.

Gosh, I wish I had not left my magic wand in my other pocketbook.  I am having a puzzle with two friends who think I can read minds.  Unfortunately I cannot and haven't any idea what their issue is.   They will either get over whatever it is or not. 

Meanwhile..I am off to the living room.  I am finally making headway in that huge pileup of reading I had to catch up with.  And I need to plan the weekend.  That will be fun.  Hugs.Red heart

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