Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away May 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

Not really. We are having some beneficial rain and goodness knows we need it. The Southeast is dry as tinder and there have been too many wildfires lately.

One wonderful thing that I can mention is the leaves are coming back. You may recall I said the oak and hickory trees lost all their new leaves to the heavy freeze we had Easter week. It was a sad sight. There were no exceptions in the dead leaves. Very striking to see when everything else was bursting with new growth.

Yesterday I looked up (way up!) and new leaves are started on the oaks and to a lesser extent the hickories as well.

That is a monumental effort on the tree's part as they have already expended their food stores and energy (that is accurate to say) on their first flush. Now they have to do it again and it is very and severely taxing to them. We have to hope for the sake of the trees that nothing untoward happens for the rest of the year...the worst being drought. That may do them in for certain. And if you have tall trees surrounding you, you sure don't want them kicking the bucket, falling, and hitting your house.

The oldest is here but not for much longer. He had a T Bone last night ( and that was THE tenderest steak I have ever seen!) and garlic mashed potatoes. Well, gravy and peas too I might add. Thing is, I could hardly hold my eyes open past 2300 and I headed to bed. I heard him crashing around in his room much much later. I'm waiting for him to get up. Bacon and eggs.

Since it's raining, outside of driving to The Big City!! I guess I will find necessary things to do here at home.

One question though. Why is it, (and Beth in Lizzie's Lounge brought it up sorta in her blog), that if a celebrity says must be the right thing to either do, think or act on? That torques my jaw! That statement they make is something they are paid to say. But let's assume they really do subscribe to what they say..and some do. Does that mean that I should believe and act on whatever it is they are espousing? They are celebrities and they are paid extraordinarily well. They have material things we most of us do not. That does NOT make them MY leader. Oh well. Enough. Separate rant.

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