Friday, October 15, 2010

Ready? Set? June 2007

Go. I'll be headed out soon.

That's just a running joke about snow between me and my friend. In the Winter when it does snow..I have a gift for picking the times for my trips that it will snow. Of course, lest I take any credit the Winter it is likely to snow! So, I have to take my chances. But this time, it will just be hot as heck and humid.

Have gotten my exercise in and that's a good thing as I doubt much of anything like that will happen this weekend. We DO have that outdoor concert I spoke if. My first. Looking forward to that!!! I will report back on it. During Saturday day time I hope to get to go to all the places I love so much in the City. Diva stuff...such as shopping.

OH! I found a way to spend money where I work if I wanted to. Luckily I do not. Something simple believe it or not. A charm bracelet (not my style) with charms that were appealing to me if I liked wearing that sort of thing (too young and too jangly for me) with new charms I noticed for sale, attached. One was a lipstick, one was a purse, one a high heeled shoe...things like that! Perfect. By the time one bought the charm bracelet and the charms, one would have $130.00 invested in a sterling charm bracelet. Don't ask about gold.

I wish I could get over my comma mania. I try so hard not to add extra commas...I simply cannot help myself. Any and all grammatical rules I used to know have flown away on wings. I am the Queen of run-on sentences too.

I have the car packed with the exception of a back pack with makeup etc in it. I haven't 'done' my face yet so that will be last to go and then..ta dah...I am on my way.

I'll stop to check on you all over the weekend. If someone asks to marry me, you'll be the first to know. Or any other news of import.

Take good care and see ya, dudes and dudettes!

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