Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Return Trip 3/07

Today, 1st son goes home..and we have eaten royally. He had the blueberry pancakes I mentioned yesterday with some bacon..Um Um good. I have all the leftovers in a bag for him. Some taco stuff, veggies, Texas toast, leftover pancakes, a little dessert...stuff like that.

I was in a drawer looking for something last night and darned if I didn't find a little reel of movie film. You know the ones...Super 8 from a long time ago. No idea what's on there. It's color, may be the kids..just don't know. Too small. I will take it to 3rd son whereupon he will see about having it put onto a CD or DVD or whatever it is they do. I'm sure too that he will be able to make out what it is better than I am doing before he takes it in.

While in that same dresser drawer, I came upon a plastic baggie with old silver jewelry from India in it. Ankle bells, Sari belt...bracelets, and so on. Some earrings too, (man, they sure make the posts thick!) and inside that same baggie was a real trip in memory! It was a sterling charm bracelet with 6 charms, all sterling, on it. Three baby boy silhouettes each engraved with a son's name and date of birth; a baby shoe, and a highchair and a little silver baby cup. Good thing I have a tiny wrist (5 inches) because that bracelet would not fit a so-called "average" wrist. Not only was it a precious remembrance but as it was sterling and I was a stay at home mom with no income..I had to save very hard to get those charms and the bracelet. Silver's spot price was higher then. Besides, my then husband didn't let me have any money for me, so I saved out of grocery money..laid it aside in an envelope and when I had enough I sent away for another charm. Those were Gerber sponsored products. We moms found out about them on our jars of baby food. It was just so hard to get the money for them. he was not generous nor did I have any funds just for me out of the household income. That could be, but won't be, a whole 'nother blog. It's good enough I have three sons out of all that! Can't find or get a better gift that that!

So..I am headed back to-----------The Big City--------- here shortly. Another peerlessly gorgeous day out there. Three days of rain coming up though starting tomorrow.

Be sweet.

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