Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sapphires, Anyone? July 2007

I bought a good sized princess cut diamond ring with 4 small perfect blue sapphires and 4 additional but tiny diamonds on the sides. White gold band although white gold is not a particular favorite of mine. An early birthday present to me as sapphires are my birthstone. So, good grief, I have another diamond ring. It's sure not like the honker I have that I mentioned yesterday but it is pretty good sized.

It was a productive day today as the store was very busy. I saw some lovely things coming in for much platinum (I only have 2 platinum pieces myself) 18k gold (I do have a decent amount of that) and some really lovely diamonds. Of course, my employer designs jewelry (he designed my honker diamond ring out of my own diamonds, and my 3 stone pink and blue sapphire ring) so I saw some of his work coming back for cleaning and tightening up. Hubba HUBBA ding dong ding! You shoulda been there!

Tomorrow is a long day with opening and closing..of course not by myself. I don't have the expertise nor the skill. There is an amazing amount of things that go into daily operations that a casual observer or customer could never know. It isn't an easy job where you just stand there and smile. OH!!! OH!!! I got another marriage proposal. From the same guy as before and I think he may mean it! That's the guy I mentioned the first few days to you where he said 'are you married' saying 'no'..him saying 'will you marry me' and that he had a lot of diamonds out in the car...and me saying to his proposal alternately, 'no', 'maybe' and 'where's the car'?? He came back today and asked for me. OH..and there was this other guy who rolled up in his black Hummer yesterday..tattooed like you'd never believe...pierced, (discreetly if you can figure that!) in leather, and well off and nice too. We were looking at each other. My boss mentioned that today.

This is fun!!! My hair stayed divaesque as Kimmy put it.

By the way, you guys in the blog family are worth a zillion dollars.

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