Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Saturday, all over! 3/07

Another breath taking day out there. Still a little cloud cover but it will be sunny and about 85 degrees today. I did get the house cleaned yesterday and spent a good deal of the evening on the phone, so with that done..I will likely head out early this afternoon or late morning. One of my sons, the one who does photography as a hobby, is gone for the day taking pictures. My new digital camera should be coming within a week. I will have to learn how to use it. Academically, I am your woman. Fiddling with technology..no..not your woman. I know..."so easy even a caveman can do it" so I am willing to embarrass myself again after several years and re-try.

I have some professionally enlarged photos of some of my son's nature shots. 16"x24" and such...and I can't find frames that have that configuration. That leaves having them done at a place that does frames. We are talking $$$$$$$ here! I thought of that but in the back of my mind I just knew I would find something out there on my own. Not so far. Plus now I would have to go to The Big City to find a place. There used to be one here but they closed up shop several years ago,

It is 72 degrees in this room right now and has been since I got up. No heat came on last night so it really did get only down to the high 50's in the night. I am not complaining. The cost of natural gas is seriously high here in this area...I am sure it is elsewhere too! They have you by the hair on the back of your head...there's nothing you can do, so they charge what they can. There is always some excuse just as there is with petroleum..(gasoline for your car). "They're upgrading their gas mixture for the summer," "Someone sneezed," "The customer bought too much" "The customer hoarded gasoline" "The customers did not buy much"...oh, they have a million excuses for raising the prices.

By the way, when we went shopping yesterday, we went into a well known department store. The clerk whom we had to summon to "help" us find the shoes that were supposed to be on sale was a nice enough girl..and she was a girl..maybe 18. BUT she did Se*rs no good whatsoever regarding the customer. There is a 2 day sale. Yesterday was day 1. The girl could not show us the shoes...when "I" finally spotted them I asked for my size and width. She was puzzled how to do that and finally set sail for the back room whereupon she came back with a tightly closed box and...the wrong width. (I saw that once I fought the box open..should have used my knife!!!) I'll stop the rant now and just say that she was not the only affable but not good for the store clerk I have run into in the past several years. This year in particular. They 1. don't care about even doing the job correctly..never mind go another step. 2. They make appalling mistakes. You have to watch everything and make corrections yourself. Times have changed. No wonder To-y-ota had to retrain many employees it hired for their assembly lines when they first set up factories and lines here in this Country. The prospective employee could not read up to standard nor could they do simple math. Think I'm just saying that? I am not. It's been 10 years at least since I read that embarrassing thing a number of times in the paper..or I would quote where it was. But any major newspaper where the factories were located AT THAT TIME will no doubt have the same story mine did about the academic lack.

You know I am stalling. I need to get dressed and onto yon waiting treadmill. OK. I'll stop typing and just do it as the Nike commercial used to go.

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