Thursday, October 14, 2010

Saturday All Over May 16, 2007

My son and grandson made it in last night..we all finally got all our lights out 2330ish.  I laid there till 0300 with not even a nap.  Knowing I had to get up at 0545 is why I am guessing.  I finally dropped off and the clock got me up.  So extremely little sleep,. We got the youngest off to Delta Airlines and he is winging his way to Alaska as we speak.  On the way back, we picked up the oldest and he is here with me and the ones who came in yesterday evening.,  We'll go out for lunch in a while and I will fix dinner here tonight.  Meatloaf if you remember.  My grandson's most favorite.  The middle son requested fried potatoes and onions with it.  Talk about fattening.

Not a lot to say.  Grandson across the street playing.  Middle son out to get a haircut,.  Oldest in there reading Consumer Report.  Cat watching her version of TV meaning looking out the full view front screen door, watching the ground squirrels, gray squirrels, and multitudes of birdies.  She sits there entranced.  I heard her hit the door yesterday when a peanut butter colored cat dared walk by thus invading the Lady's territory.

Have a great weekend, all of you.  We will too. 

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