Friday, October 15, 2010

Sigh June 2007

My new boss just called, and thru no fault of his own, his meeting was rescheduled to 1430 this afternoon.  He asked if I could do my OT then instead of this morning early.  I was just getting ready to head out, so he called just in time really.  I said yes, but I don't care for the abrupt change from morning to mid-late afternoon.  I had other plans and now I have to change them.  Yes, I could have told him I would not, but it isn't his fault.  The plans I had were changeable, that is to his advantage.  I just don't like it.

But, diva that I am, I am in a cotton black cami and top, black pants, and my sterling silver roses.  Rose dangle earrings, a rose pendent on a black (of course) rope, and my rose ring.  That rose on the ring looks real, except it is sterling, and is about as large as a nickel.  Looks pretty.  One of the rare occasions I have coordinating jewelry as I find that idea old fashioned.  But sterling roses this nice are hard to come by. So I bought them up.  All that is off and I am in jeans now. 

I have some calls to make and a few places to go.  I was going to do that later.  Guess I will  do it now. (see long suffering pitiful  face accompanied with a sigh)  Hey..I am well aware things could be a LOT worse.  This ain't nothing.  I think what had put me a little (HA!) out of sorts is, I would have done my treadmilling and weightlifting had I only known..but I would have know if HE had case closed) to the things I am doing now and not later.  I have been to see half of you...see the rest in a while. 

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