Sunday, October 3, 2010

So Far So Good 2/07

een to the Mall and came away unscathed. Worked up a good sweat though. But at least that was from honest activity and not whipping out my wallet!

I headed to McDonald's afterward and got a cup of their great tasting coffee. What a treat. I had no problem believing Consumer Reports when they said save your money...McDonald's beats that other place that charges so much. I've had both and McDonald's blows away the competition. And no, they aren't paying me for that. (wish they were though).

Like Patty, I have some house work waiting for me. I think Beth is lifting that barge and totin' that bale also.

Animal Rescue had a little area in the Mall set up with kitties and doggies. They are already spayed and neutered and ready for adoption. Oh those faces. Sweet little ones, both kinds, and someone abandoned them. I so wish people would think many times before getting a pet for either themselves or a child. Please don't take on a responsibility you will not fulfill. And of you do take home a dog or cat, and it's an outside pet, or indoor, I really hope that the owner will take the pet for spaying or neutering. Sometimes it is at a reduced cost if one would ask. OK. Sorry for the harangue. My little sweetie gave up trying for my attention (it is time to play since I am back in the house) and threw herself into the recliner to rest after the exhaustion of sleeping while she waited on me to get back home. Poor girl.

I was watching some television before I went to bed to read last night. I was watching Style. I love that channel. Anyone who has read the blog for at least a year knows that though I never EVER dress like it, I am quite the fashion maven. Oh I know what's good and I know what the fashion is. Just I haven't the physique to do it justice and besides, I like comfort. But I love to watch and read about fashion and I am very up to date on who is who and who did what for their collections. However..check with me and you'll find me in jeans.

Have a great day, you all.

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