Sunday, October 3, 2010

Someone's memories..2/07

Having gone to that estate sale yesterday I must tell you that it isn't something I would like to make a habit of doing.

Poking about in someones home, regardless of the circumstances just doesn't seem right to me. There were all of someone's personal belongings turned out and heaped onto tables, beds, in boxes, whatever you will for everyone to go through and comment on. A big cardboard box of family pictures took my attention as two men were looking through them and commenting, not unkindly, on the clothing styles of the times ( the 70's) and the hair. Because I am a very private person, I thought how I would feel if I knew someone I did not know was going through everything I had lovingly collected or displayed. Naturally most folks don't know as they are deceased or otherwise gone from the home. The fellow these things belonged to is in his mid nineties and just gone to a nursing home. Family members I am told, came and took what they wanted. But there was something they left behind.

Propped up on a wall in what was the living area was a shallow homemade glass fronted box. Inside was a complete Boy Scout uniform, lovingly preserved. Next to it was an Eagle Scout's uniform. All badges, pins, everything was there. I did not recognize the Council so it wasn't local, but Boy Scouts are the same everywhere regardless of locale. I looked at those uniforms for a long time. There was a picture of a handsome young boy, blonde, wearing one of the uniforms propped next to the clothing. I picked up the picture and said aloud "I am proud of you and your accomplishments". I told him that because it deeply saddened me to see these things left behind when someone, a Dad or a Grandfather had so lovingly kept them all this while and no one wanted them or the honor won by the boy who worked so hard for his Eagle Scout status that the uniforms embodied. I reluctantly left with my friend but I kept thinking about those uniforms as we went on with the rest of our day. I have no place and no room here in this home but one of my sons thought he knew of a way to donate them to a place where they would be appreciated. I called to see if the sale was still on-going and it was not. I so wish I had bought them when I could have.

Have the best of days today. Gird up and get ready for the week!!

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