Friday, October 15, 2010

Something Different For Me June 2007

Gosh, it could not have been more than 6 weeks ago that I happened to have read in a woman's magazine to "shop your closet" when it came to work or any occasion for that matter. For some reason, that stuck in my mind more than anything else in the article. I did not particularly agree with the article but that one stayed.

Good thing too as I have a week to prepare for work, that phrase came back like an echo. Shop your closet. Having time yesterday I decided to gather 6 skirts and as many tops or perhaps a few more. I turned the ceiling fan on so I would not have the excuse "It's hot!" to quit or shorten the try out.

I tried on all articles of clothing, one with the other and came out with 5 outfits right off the bat to wear. I have a gazillion clothes hanging in three closets I have said too many times already, I gained some weight and that cuts down what I can wear attractively. But there are at least 5 now..and as this job is, at my request, part time, that will do me until and unless this kick starts losing weight. (darn good thing I exercise isn't it..who knows what I'd weigh without that to rely on!)

Meanwhile, I enjoyed a luncheon today with many I have worked with. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and got to see someone I haven't seen in literal years! Afterward, I went to Wally World and got my Eggland Eggs at an horrific price of $2.18 a dozen which beats the even higher price elsewhere. They are my favorite..and I CAN tell the difference between them and the 89 cent a dozen ones. Worth the price to me. I managed to leave with nothing else. I have been doing that increasingly. I think it's a test of will power! Them against me!!
I seldom win, but I have been lately.

When I came home..for some reason after I shampooed my hair, I started in deep cleaning the bathroom. Go figure. Man. That burned a few calories!!

Tomorrow a friend in the morning and one in the afternoon..Friday and part of Saturday, family. And believe it or not..I have NOT taken any pictures! Wait..I forgot. I had my cell with me of course and have some of the group at the luncheon. (I just don't know how to get them off the phone and onto the computer! What a maroon I am!

Hey..hope it's been a great day!! Has been for me.

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