Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spiderman 3 May 2007

I am a huge Tobey Maguire fan. So I headed off to see Spiderman 3 yesterday. Oh wow! That was excellent. Almost the best yet. With a few surprises thrown in..a pinch of humor and some heart wrenching as well. I can't get over how Tobey looks. He has finally gotten to 30 and he looks 17 tops. Only so much..little really, can be attributed to makeup. He has a forever young face and demeanor. Even when Spidey showed his dark side (thanks to a molecular -invading substance from Space!!) he couldn't look "bad" no matter how hard he tried to.

I subscribe to an alert about Tobey Maguire and he said he would not be averse to being on Dancing With the Stars. Heaven knows he has the stamina to do it as hard as it is to film Spiderman movies, Dancing With the Stars would be a summer vacation for him. I mentioned several blogs back that the celebrities loose 20+ pounds while on the show, the dancing is so vigorous and demanding.

One of those alerts I read had an interview with him regarding his opinion on celebs publicly voicing their thoughts about politics and trying to be political pundits. He said he would never do that..he also said the idea of celebs taking that role is "ridiculous". If I had not already been a huge fan, that would have made me one.

I am taking the day off today from exercise. Too much to do for the morning. I may do it in the afternoon but I doubt it.

I have an appointment to take the cat to the Vet tomorrow. Taking her is like going to war. For no reason, she gets like an hysterical animal when I try to put her into the carrier and I'm not kidding there. No reason for her to scream and go on like that. You'd think I was killing her or something. All she's ever had done are her nails cut and her ears cleaned!!! This time it will be worse for her though..why she's going. She has diabetes I am sure. I didn't think so till yesterday when I called for an appointment.  She has not been herself.  I get to pretend she doesn't  have anything seriously wrong for one more day.

Beautiful day. I will try to make the best of it. My friend is coming this evening, an evening early to break down the entertainment center and take it off..and take the old TV. We exchanged TV's. He's taking this big one for his grand daughter to watch her stuff on..he gave me a small 13 inch for the bedroom TV. I have the new TV sitting there in its box waiting. It is too unwieldy for me with my back in the condition it's move to the living room. I am waiting on some help.

Have a good day you all. I will be around to see you one and all.

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